Yoga and Its Benefits for Women

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to connect the mind, body, and spirit through asanas, or poses and breathing techniques. Many women think that you have to be flexible or fit to benefit from yoga, but that is not the case. Anyone can benefit from this sacred practice. Yoga classes are free from judgement and you are only encouraged to do the poses in which you feel comfortable doing.

It is very important to be comfortable during a yoga practice. Comfortable activewear that is not restraining will allow you to let go and relax during practice. Having good quality yoga wear is beneficial to the ease and effectiveness of the poses. Flexible yoga pants allow more movement to help the body get into some of the more difficult poses. The practice of yoga has many extraordinary health benefits of physical, mental, and spiritual nature.

Here are just a few of the many benefits:

1. Improved flexibility and balance – Yoga practice stretches the muscles and tissues in your body which helps them to release the lactic acid build up in muscles that contributes to tension, pain, stiffness, and fatigue. With regular yoga practice, you will notice increased control of your body, better balance and flexibility.

2. Better posture – Many poses focus on keeping the back straight, standing tall, keeping the heart open, and the head up for a confident and healthy posture. Better posture can also help relieve and prevent back pain.

3. Blood pressure and circulation – Yoga lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. Research shows that yoga practice can lower fat levels in the blood, or triglycerides that can cause high blood pressure and heart disease.

4. Immune system – Movements in practice improve the lymphatic system which reduces the toxins in your body and improves the immune system. The immune system helps fight diseases and builds immunities to viruses. A healthy immune system can prevent illness and disease.

5. Pain tolerance – Pain tolerance can be improved by frequent yoga practice. This is why many expecting mothers practice prenatal yoga in preparation for childbirth.

6. Back pain – There are many yoga positions that benefit the back and spine which helps alleviate back pain. A study shows that a group of individuals who practiced yoga over a course of 12 weeks showed better back improvement than traditional back treatment counterparts.

7. Prevents and cures diseases – Several studies show that yoga can play a part in curing certain types of diseases. There is some evidence that regular yoga practice can help you heal if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, irritable bowl syndrome, menopause symptoms, attention deficit disorder, and carpel tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also benefit you if you have arthritis, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many other chronic conditions.

8. Stress Relief – Many beginners report feeling more relaxed and less stressed after just their first yoga class. Yoga requires you to place yourself in the moment and forget about anything that was previously worrying you. Deep breathing and yoga poses also help you to release stress, leaving you feeling content and relaxed.

9. Improved mood and Peace of mind – Yoga practice balances your hormones and regulates the nervous system to improve mood and give you a more optimistic outlook. Many yogis achieve enlightenment through yoga practice. The meditation and mind-body connection that yoga delivers contributes to peace of mind and finding your centre.

10. Motivation and concentration – A recent study shows that participants showed tremendous increases in their levels of motivation in as little as 8 weeks by doing yoga practice. Yoga poses focus on concentrating on breathing and focusing on the present moment to keep from getting distracted by outside thoughts. This process can help you concentrate outside of the yoga studio as well.

Yoga is more than just another passing fitness fad, as it has stayed on for hundreds of years through tradition. To get you started on your yoga practice, you can start by looking for lorna jane activewear that is comfortable enough for you to do all the required yoga poses.

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