Free MP3s – Native American Flute Lullabies

Native American Flute Lullabies
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If you like what you hear you can download the full MP3’s for free by using the link below

Various Artists
Jessita Reyes
Sleep Tribe
Ben Tavera King
Lullaby Tribe
Sleep Tribe
Native Flute Ensemble


Track Titles
1. Tucked in for the Night (From “Native Nocturnes”)
2. Soothing Thunder Tones (From “Native American Flutes & Sounds of Nature”)
3. Santa Fe Lullaby (From “Native American Flute For Massage Meditation & Healing”)
4. Feathered Friends’ Sleep Songs (From “Meditation & Yoga – Flutes”)
5. Soothing Cricket Song (From “Native American Flute”)
6. Little Star (From “Native American Flute For Massage Meditation & Healing”)
7. Solo Flute for Sweet Dreams (From “Native American Flute & Sounds of Nature”)
8. Lulling Thunder Flute (From “Native American Flute”)
9. Twilight Flute (From “Native Nocturnes”)
10. Easteren Winds & Flutes (From “Massage Flutes”)
11. Dreams of the Elk Men (From “Native American Flute”)
12. Calming Flute (From “Native American Flutes for Sleep & Relaxation”)
13. Lullaby Tribe (From “Native American Flute for Sleep & Relaxation”)
15. Winds of Sleep (From “Native Nocturnes”)
16. Surrounded by Healing (From “Native American Flute for Massage Meditation & Healing”)
17. Sleep as It Leaves the Flute (From “Native Nocturnes”)
18. Nature Sound & Flute Duette (From “Native American Flute for Sleep & Relaxation”)

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