How Yoga Can Help Alleviate Back Pain

What is the cause of back pain?

Back pain that is not of a serious condition happens when there is strain on the bones and muscles. Women who work in an office and sit at a desk for the majority of the day are more likely to experience the lower back pain. Sitting improperly for hours at a desk can put a lot of strain on muscles and bones.

Other risk factors for having back pain include:

Gender – women have more back pain than men. Age – men and women 35 or above will have more back pain. Obesity – weight gain will cause strain on the muscles in the back. Anxiety – anxiety will create tension in the body. Tension will strain the muscles in the back.

How can yoga help alleviate back pain?

Yoga comes from ancient India, and it means to unite. Yoga is a group of different poses used in the form of exercising to help someone relieve muscle tension. Yoga will also improve someone’s flexibility. Women who are seeking relief from back pain will benefit from yoga.

It is important for someone just learning to do yoga to find an instructor. Another thing that is important while doing yoga is to wear the right activewear that will allow you to do all the poses freely and comfortable. Poses in yoga range from beginning to advanced levels and there are specific poses to help alleviate back pain.

Top 3 Yoga Poses to Eliminate Back Pain

Cow Pose – this pose is a beginning yoga pose which helps increase strength to the abdominal area. It also adds more flexibility to the spine. Do not attempt this pose if you have any knee or hand injury. Make sure to keep your torso lined with your head if you have a neck injury.

Reclining Big Toe Pose – this pose helps reduce back pain and menstrual cramps. It can also help those who suffer from high blood pressure and improves the body’s digestion process. The reclining big toe pose is not recommended if you are suffering from headaches, or diarrhea.

Bharadvaja’s Twist – This in intermediate level pose. The twisting pose will help stretch the muscles in the shoulders and hips. This pose will also help a woman in the 2nd trimester to strengthen the lower back.

Remember to look for a yoga instructor if you are a beginner. Yoga can cause harm if done improperly. Consult your doctor when you begin any exercise program. Make sure your back pain is not from a serious injury. To make it easier for you to get started on your yoga practice, you can buy yoga sportswear online so you will get more motivated to do yoga regularly.

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