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    » Yoga Attire - Search And Purchase the Perfect Ones By: mac woods
    What you must incorporate properly with yoga exercise will be the yoga clothing.
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    » Migraine Cure - Top Migraine Treatments By: Joshua A Harding
    Find out the many types of migraine headache and the right way to accomplish a full migraine cure via natural migraine treatment methods.
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    » DNA Holds Memories Of Our Past Life By: Christabella
    While there is no genetic proof genetic researchers believe that our IQ, aptitudes, musical skills, and athletic ability, might be significantly affected by our DNA. Psychologists have also revealed that certain social traits and psychological disorders can be inherited. What other experiences might be stored in our DNA.
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    » How Seniors Should Begin An Exercise Program By: Suzy Witchitas
    Exercise is very important for seniors to maintain their quality of life. There are certain things seniors must do prior to embarking on an exercise program and myths that must be dispelled to begin the program with a positive attitude.
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    » Will You Feel More Zen If You Practice Yoga At A Gym Or A Specialist Yoga Studio? By: Clare Swindlehurst
    If you have decided to take up yoga practice then the best place to start learning all about the poses and postures is by working with a yoga teacher. But should you look for a class at the gym or a specialised yoga studio?
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    » The Many Benefits Of Using Herbal Products By: Darren Willsmith
    The benefits of using herbal products are endless. From lower costs to heightened potency, there is no doubt that any health freak seeking a dependence on purely herbal products will not be disappointed.
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    » Taking the Mystery Out of Meditation -- A Quick Guide By: CB Michaels
    Many human beings might associate the habit of meditating with something which is spooky or weird, or just not something that they might see themselves doing. I'm here to inform the general public that meditation is a particularly simple technique that simply involves subduing your thoughts and focusing your awareness on your respiring, and that it is decidedly fulfilling for people of all specific types.
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    » T'ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates By: Bobby Buys
    T'ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates are three forms of alternative excercises that include concentration on breathing and awareness of the body. All three have various benefits and could be an option for you as an alternative to conventional excercise.
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    » Benefits of Yoga Pranayam for Healthy Life By: Dr Charles Buchar
    Pranayama is derived from 2 Sanskrit words Prana (life force) and Ayama (control). Therefore, in its broadest description, Prananyama would mean the control of the flow of life force. To most, control of breath is Pranayama. However, this is a result of wrong interpretation. For a rightful interpretation, it must be understood that 'prana' is an energy or life force that is universal in nature - it is omnipresent. A portion of that prana is also present in the human body. It flows at a superficial level to maintain the body and its organs.
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    » Meditation Rapidly Improves Brain Functioning By: Dr Elaine Ferguson
    Earlier brain imaging research has demonstrated that meditation can cause significant improvements in areas related to concentration. Conventional wisdom has led to the notion that a considerable amount of time and training was involved in order to achieve this effect. This perceived time requirement has been a barrier for many desiring to meditate. Fortunately research now reveals that the benefits can be attained in a relatively short period of time. Current research now demonstrates that the mind can be trained much faster than ever previously thought possible.
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